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Charles Mizrahi was once crowned the #1 investor in his category by Barron’s while managing money for some of the biggest investment banks on Wall Street.

After nearly two decades of success as a money manager during the ‘80s and ‘90s, he decided walk away from Wall Street and started showing those on Main Street how to make big money in the market.

He started developing a model portfolio the average American could follow.

With almost 40 years of experience making money in any type of market, it’s no surprise that those who have acted on Charles’ recommendations are finally taking control of their financial futures.

Sue Whitley wrote:

“I appreciate you and your team’s diligence and depth of analysis. I am investing for the long term and want to buy into solid companies with good prospects, strong management and at a good price for the value received. Thanks very much for what you and the team do.”

Chuck DiFransisco said:

“I am relatively new to investing in stocks, and I am a retired small business owner. I have started out with a small investment amount, but I am happy to say that my portfolio value is growing.”

And Mark Knudsen said:

“I am a fairly new subscriber, joined a few months ago. I watch all your weekly videos and read all your reports. I purchased FDX on April 30 at a cost basis of $127.14. Today, that position is up 31.27% as of a few minutes ago. This return occurred in 2.5 months. That's great!”

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