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You are just one step away from unlocking the full moneymaking potential of all three of my Alpha Investing Rules.

We’re talking about the chance to zero in on peak gains of 308%, 573% and even 647% time and time again.

And I’ve got the perfect stock recommendation to help get you started…

You’ve seen it for yourself…

This company controls a huge slice of the HVAC market — a market that has already been valued at $91 billion … AND is expected to nearly DOUBLE in record time.

Talk about carving an even BIGGER slice of watermelon, this company is out to crush Alpha Rule #1.

Plus, the CEO has a 47-year track record of growing shareholder value through the roof.  And I think you’ll agree it’s obvious that he’s laser-focused on making this company a dominant, world-class leader.

He clearly gives you a clench on Rule #2: Watch the jockey, not just the horse.

But you’ll want to move on this opportunity right now, TODAY.


Because of Rule #3: Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

This company’s price-earnings ratio dipped to nearly 20 not too long ago — a strong indication that Wall Street mispriced its stock.

As a retired fund manager and 37-year veteran of Wall Street, I can assure you that it won’t take long for the market to realize its mistake…

And, the moment the market realizes how much it has underpriced this stock, the shares could take off like a rocket.

In fact, it’s already starting to happen. Shares have risen 34% the past few months and show no signs of slowing.

The time to get in is NOW.

That’s why I want to rush you a copy of The Next Alpha Stock: Taking Aim at Another 300% Gain without delay.

It’s the first of three special free reports I’ll send you when you subscribe to Alpha Investor Report today:

Get Three of My Special Free
Reports Right Now

The moment you agree to give Alpha Investor Report a try, I’ll send you:

Free report #1: The Next Alpha Stock: Taking Aim at Another 300% Gain (Value: $199)

You’ll get a much closer look at why I expect this stock to soar as high 300% or more in the months ahead. And why now is the perfect time to buy.

You’ll see firsthand why this company could soon dominate the HVAC market … and may even go on to become the Microsoft of its industry.

And I’ll reveal the ticker symbol for you — along with my recommended “buy up to” price — so that you can have the chance to turn every $10,000 into as much as $30,000 (or more), in the months and years ahead. In this free report, you’ll learn everything you need to get in on this incredible opportunity.
Free report #2: The Leader of the $15.7 Trillion AI Revolution (Value: $199)

This second special report provides complete details on an Alpha stock opportunity in one the fastest growing sectors of technology: artificial intelligence.

It’s a company that holds more than 3,480 patents, giving it an unmatched edge in global spread of AI. Its patents could play a crucial role in everything from 5G networks and aerial drones to driverless trucks and smart homes.

Experts project that artificial intelligence could generate $15.7 trillion in new wealth worldwide … and this company is gearing up to lead the way.
Free report #3: The Emerging Superstars of AI (Value: $199)

Why stop at the chance to rack up one triple-digit gain with artificial intelligence when you have the chance to grab four…

The third special report provides complete details on THREE more Alpha stock opportunities in AI that I have my eye on as well...

The first is rapidly developing the sensors that driverless cars will need to navigate in traffic — a major component in the $65.3 billion AI automobile market that’s expected to be created in the next few years.

The second provides cloud computing services to Fortune 500 companies including Amazon, Google and Microsoft … and has just released a new AI application designed to help process the huge amount of data they’ve been amassing.

And the third company produces 3D AI sensors for Apple products. In fact, they’re such a vital supplier to Apple that Barron’s recently reported they “look like an even better buy than Apple’s own stock.”

You’ll get all the details on all three in this additional free report.

Each report is valued at $199.

And I’ll send all three to you for free just for giving my flagship newsletter, Alpha Investor Report, a try.

A $597 Value!
Yours FREE When You Try a 1-Year Subscription to Alpha Investor Report

The five stocks detailed in these free reports are just the first of many triple-digit Alpha stock opportunities headed your way.

Each month, I’ll be giving my subscribers details on an Alpha stock that could soar to peak gains of 173%, 279% and even 308% or more.

We’re talking about 12 opportunities a year to turn $10,000 into upward of $40,000 or more.

And you have the chance to follow my insights — to see my research and peer into my model portfolio — as I reveal every single one.

Here’s everything you’ll get as member of Alpha Investor Report:

My model portfolio

This portfolio includes every stock that’s on my “buy it now” list. It’s extremely easy to use. It will tell you what I recommend buying, at what price and when I recommend selling. If a company passes all three Alpha Rules and could deliver gains of 300% or more, I’m going to find it and recommend it.

Trade alerts

When it is time to buy or sell a stock, I will send you a trade alert via email. The email will tell you exactly how to act on my recommendation along with an explanation of my research behind it. You can use your phone or computer to make the trade. These alerts make choosing to invest super easy and convenient.

Weekly updates

Every Wednesday, I send out a brief video where I’ll update readers on the market, our positions and answer frequently asked questions so that no one is ever left in the dark. I want to use these updates to be there for you as much as possible!

Monthly report

This is an eight-page “dossier” that I send out every month. I use it to take a deep dive into our next stock recommendation so that you can see my research and exactly why I recommend buying it. You will see what I see, hear what I hear and be able to think the way I think.

Daily market briefings

When you join today, you’ll also get a free subscription to my daily e-letter Winning Investor Daily, where you will receive unique, profitable insights from my entire team. You’ll know what new opportunities, news and market events we have our eyes on each and every day.

Website access

I keep track of everything on a secure website — the portfolio, trade alerts, webinars and monthly reports are all there for easy access. The instant you sign up, you will be able to have full, unrestricted access to everything.

Dedicated customer support

If you ever have any questions about your membership, simply call or email to let us know. They’ll walk you through the details and benefits of your subscription.

1-Year, 100% satisfaction guarantee

Take the entire year to try Alpha Investor Report. Read the monthly reports, watch the weekly videos and follow the recommendations listed in the model portfolio. And if you are not 100% satisfied, simply call my team, and they will issue you a full refund of your payment. It’s that simple.

Added bonus: Real Wealth Strategist

I’m not the only one with a knack for spotting big, overlooked opportunities that have delivered life-changing gains...

My colleague Matt Badiali specializes in uncovering overlooked plays in the natural resource sector that are packed full of unexpected profit potential — giving you access to the hottest stock picks in gold, natural gas, energy and other resources.

Given Matt’s track record for zeroing in on stocks that have soared as much as 100% in this sector, I’m giving you three months of access to his flagship newsletter — Real Wealth Strategist — for free. If you like it, do nothing and at the end of the three months, it will automatically renew you for a one-year subscription at $97.

Alpha Investor Report is normally priced at $199 a year. And it’s worth every penny.

But I don’t want anything holding you back today.

To remove any and all barriers that could prevent you from joining, I’ve slashed the price by more than half … and only ask that you pay $47 for an entire year of access.

That comes out to just $3.92 a month … less than cost of a latté at Starbucks.

And the best part — you’ll get it ALL with my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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You have nothing to lose through this offer, and so much to gain.

You’ve seen the proof…

You’ve seen the kind of peak gains I’ve shown people the chance to grab, such as:

570% on Huntington.

573% on TJX.

308% on Apple.

647% on Microsoft.

219% on General Dynamics.

526% on Atrion.

279% on Raytheon.

And the list goes on…

Just $1,000 invested into each of these triple-digit winners would turn into $38,200.

And that’s just a glimpse of what I’ve been able to find in the past.

Just imagine how much money could be had in the months and years ahead with the Alpha stocks I reveal in my latest newsletter.

It all becomes possible thanks to Alpha Investor Report.

People from all across America have already joined.

Some are complete novices to the world of investments. Others are seasoned pros.

Some may be interested in how to start with just a few hundred dollars. Others may be starting with hundreds of thousands. And others still may simply want to learn about a more stress-free way to invest.

But they all have one thing in common … they decided to take me up on a risk-free subscription to Alpha Investor Report.

Now it’s your turn.

This is your chance to join me as I show you how to invest like an Alpha investor.

Just a few minutes of insight from me each month … and you’ll have the chance to take aim at gains of 100%, 200% and even 300% or more … with greater ease and peace of mind than ever before.

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    • 5G Domination: Profit From the $926 Billion Digital Takeover.
    • Perpetual Permian Payouts.
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  • Your free reports.

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