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You’ve been a Weekly Options Corner member for a while now.

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Yes, options are simple to trade.

And the risk is limited to the small amount you pay to purchase the option.

However, if you don’t have the power of a proven system that’s designed to find profits…

You’re just going to be shooting in the dark.

That’s why I convinced my publisher to create a special offer just for you…

Exclusive 90-day access to my options research service … Quick Hit Profits.

You’ve heard by now that I’m a Chartered Market Technician, or CMT.

This designation means I’m an expert at developing trading systems.

The one I created for Quick Hit Profits has a built-in “Profit Trigger.”

It alerts me of a potential stock surge following a company’s earnings announcement.

And it’s turning into a moneymaking machine.

Ted Korner was up 125% — and $6,195 richer — within 48 hours of making a trade.

Bob Jacobs saw 150% gains — and put an extra $7,625 in his bank account — in just two days…

Mark Thompson invested $5,000 on one contract and sold it for $15,300 just three days later… I recommended readers close out half of the position for a hefty 50% but he held on for a 206% return…

The very next day we sold the other half of the same position for 438% in just four days!

Chris Gilford gained 388% in less than one week — for a quick profit of $32,700…

Trisha Proctor averaged 219% on four trades in just four days — making enough money to pay for a month of skiing, give some to family, and bank almost $25,000.

And Cameron Shepherd scored his first win with Quick Hits — and it was a big one — 589% in four months.

Those are just a few of our best examples — there are dozens more.

My Profit Trigger has spotted opportunities for my readers to score gains as high as:

  • 288% on Caterpillar in 79 days …
  • 259% on Endo International in 71 days …
  • 175% on United Rentals in 8 days ...
  • 116% on Advance Auto Parts in 63 days …
  • 114% on Activision Blizzard in 15 days …
  • 148% on Facebook in 83 days …
  • 245% on Campbell’s Soup in 20 days … and more.

My Quick Hit Profits members have been absolutely killing it.

The stock market historically takes a year to achieve just a 10% gain. Our overall returns show that we averaged a 7% gain every 39 days.

We are beating the major indexes with ease and doing it in less than two months!

That shows you how much better it can be to take an active approach to investing instead of planting your money in an index fund.

But I know you’re still relatively new to options trading.

The last thing I want to do is throw you into the deep end of the pool and expect you to swim like a fish.

It’s always important to note that investing is risky, and you should never invest more than you can stand to lose.

And options in particular move a lot faster which can make them trickier, but also works to our advantage.

But this is why it’s so important to have someone like me on your side.

This special deal I worked out with my publisher will help you get started with options…

By letting you get your feet wet first.

Allow me to introduce the brand-new subscription program specifically tailored for Weekly Options Corner readers. It’s called…


This Quick Start subscription program gives you all the profit potential of my premium Quick Hit Profits service for a full 90 days.

Think of it as a three-month-long test drive.

It gives you the chance to ease into options trading without committing to a full year of Quick Hit Profits right off the bat…

And lets you get in position to potentially start seeing returns as high as these…

  • 146% on Electronic Arts in 74 days …
  • 114% on Trip Advisor in 70 days …
  • 77% on Chipotle in 78 days …
  • 100% on Nike in 58 days …
  • 97% on NetApp in 62 days ...
  • 104% on AIG in 78 days …
  • 140% on Illumina in 83 days … and many others.

Now, these aren’t hypothetical numbers.

These are the results of REAL trades recommended to Quick Hit Profits readers over the last four years.

Of course every trade isn’t going to be a winner, and you’re not always going to see double- and triple-digit gains.

But consider what even one of our best winners would do for your bottom line!

And this is the kind of profit opportunity that’s before you right now.

If you took every trade for the past four years, you would have averaged a 7% gain in just 39 days.

Just think about that.

The stock market has historically returned 10% a year on average.

We are seeing overall gains that easily top that in less than two months!

And when you annualize it, the standard way to benchmark our performance, it gets even better. You are looking at an incredible 65% average annual return. It’s based on what would happen if the investment continued at its current rate over the entire year.

That’s more than SIX TIMES what the stock market has historically generated.

With our Quick Start subscription, you’ll have the opportunity to make more than most investors make over the next 12 months, in only 90 days.

By joining Quick Hit Profits Quick Start today, you can get in on this kind of action without a year-long commitment…

And you can grab your chance to get rich from the incredible power of this proven system.

When you sign up…

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive
as the Newest Member of
Quick Hit Profits Quick Start!

Member Benefit No. 1: Weekly Research Issues

During your 90-day run, you’ll hear from us every week. Like clockwork. You’ll receive analysis on our open trades … obtain insights on new positions … and get a heads-up on any important market activity.

This is the core of my research service. Our market insights and industry expertise alone make this service worth its weight in gold — even if you never place a single trade!

weekly updates
Member Benefit No. 2: Instant Trade Alerts

The moment there’s a chance for a quick hit profit, you’ll receive a concise email with crystal clear analysis and instructions on how to place the trade. Since earnings season is our big moneymaker, you can expect around 12 to 16 recommendations during your 90-day Quick Start test drive.

Your average hold time is less than two months. So that gives you plenty of opportunities to see triple-digit gains within just three months!

trade alerts
Member Benefit No. 3: Encrypted Website Access

As soon as you join, you’ll be given access to the Quick Hit Profits web portal on our exclusive, members-only website for a full 90 days. Here, you can access everything you need to put your Quick Hit Profits Quick Start subscription into action, including an options tutorial series, our trading manual, and our model portfolio of all past and current trades.

Member Benefit No. 4: The Quick Hit Profits Model Portfolio

You can stay on top of every trade right from our website. My model portfolio tells you the option symbol, the entry price, the buy-up-to price, the current gain and whether the trade is a “buy” or a “hold.” You can also review a complete history of every trade I’ve recommended, so you can see just how phenomenal the Quick Hits Profits track record truly is (I promise you’ve never seen anything like it!).

Member Benefit No. 5: The Quick Hit Profits Trading Guide

Our trade alerts will give you our analysis on the opportunity, and the exact instructions you need to take action. But we want you to also understand the strategy behind all the profits you stand to make. So, we’ve written up this handy trading manual for you … to show you exactly why Quick Hit Profits is the most powerful investment strategy in the business.

Member Benefit No. 6: The Options 101 Guide

With a potential boatload of money to be made, I don’t want you to waste a single moment. This Options 101 Guide will tell you everything you need to know about options trading, so you can hit the ground running… and start raking in some gains right away.

Member Benefit No. 7: The Quick Hit Profits Quick Start Customer Care Team

As our newest subscriber, you’ll become part of a very elite group where you’ll be treated as such. You’ll receive your own private member mailbag and a dedicated customer service team to help you with any questions you have about your subscription.

customer service

This Life-Changing Opportunity
Is Yours for the Taking

As you can see from all the benefits I’ve just mentioned, my team and I have done everything in our power to make Quick Hit Profits Quick Start the simplest, safest and most profitable research service you’ve ever used.

If you would like the chance to find gains of 114% in 15 days, 148% in 83 days or 259% in just 71 days.

And because it’s a 90-day test drive of the premium Quick Hit Profits service, it’s not going to break the bank.

Let me show you the deal I got for you with my publisher…

The normal one-year rate for the premium Quick Hit Profits service is $4,995.

And it’s a steal at that price — considering some of our readers have reported profits as high as $32,700 — a 388% gain — in less than one week.

I mentioned Trisha Proctor earlier. Remember her?

In just four days of trading, she made enough money to cover a month-long ski vacation and still had $25,000 left over to put in the bank when she averaged 219% on four trades.

And then there was Chris Gilford, who claimed a quick profit of $32,700 — a 388% gain — in less than one week.

Compared to those profits, that $4,995 fee is chicken feed.

However, you won’t have to pay anywhere near that much to join Quick Hit Profits Quick Start.

This subscription program lasts just 90 days. So, my publisher decided to slash 75% off the Quick Hit Profits price…

And offer Quick Start to you for $1,249.

But you’re not going to have to pay that much either.

I don’t want anything holding you back from your chance to start profiting today.

So, I went back to my publisher, and he agreed to reduce the price of the program by another 60%.

That means … you can become a member of Quick Hit Profits Quick Start

And gain access for a full 90 days to the options trading strategy that’s proven to deliver profits…

For just $499.

Plus, when your Quick Start subscription program ends after 90 days…

You can upgrade to one year of the premium Quick Hit Profits service at an extreme discount … and get 90 days free.

Look, I almost never get my publisher to cut rates by this much.

So, if you make a boatload of money with Quick Hit Profits Quick Start and want to keep the profits and research coming…

I urge you to take him up on this offer.

When your 90-day Quick Start program ends, you can grab a one-year subscription to Quick Hit Profits for just $1,995.

That’s $3,000 off its regular price.

It gets better…

You’ll also get a 100% credit for your Quick Start membership fees.

Yeah, we’re deducting an additional $499 from the price.

That means … you can have access to the power of the Quick Hit Profits system for an additional year for just $1,496.

That’s like getting 90 days of the subscription for free.

It’s the best deal you’ll ever find in this industry.

If there ever was a time to take the plunge and start learning how to trade options … this is it.

This is the first time we’ve ever granted a special 90-day access to Quick Hit Profits through the Quick Start program.

But I have to tell you…

With the low price of $499, we’re practically giving this powerful options trading strategy away.

Because of the nature of this offer we are not able to offer refunds.

I’m not sure how long we can keep this Quick Start subscription program open.

So, if you’ve been looking for the opportunity to get your feet wet with options trading…

Don’t waste another moment.

Fill out the order form below.

I have no doubt in my mind … it WILL be the best financial decision you ever make.


Chad Shoop
Editor, Quick Hit Profits

December 2020

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