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You’re about to be one of 1,000 loyal viewers who will have the chance to target investments — every month — capable of shooting up tenfold in just 5 to 7 years.

$1,000 could become $10,000.

$10,000 could become $100,000.

$100,000 could become $1 million.

The chance for 1,000% gains in under a decade is possible by harnessing Paul Mampilly's unique signal-based strategy … a strategy devised specifically to help you thrive as the SUPER BULL market unfolds before us.

Over the next 12 months, you'll be pursuing investments that share characteristics with winners like:

  • Foundation Medicine, which returned 524% in less than 18 months (its run was cut short by a buyout)…
  • A Diabetes Superstar up 662% in just over two years …
  • Another Precision Medicine powerplay up 457% in 2.5 years …
  • A new energy dymano powering up with 662% for starters in just over 3 years…
  • A future focused car seller delivering 583% in open gains in just 6 months!
  • An IoT bombshell knocking out 308% in open gains in 2 years…

These are just a few of the 23 open and closed triple-digit gains in just the last 3.5 years since Paul started sharing this strategy.

In full transparency, this exact strategy has averaged 62% annual gains since inception.

But you’re targeting opportunities much faster … like Paul’s recommendations on Foundation Medicine that jumped 524% in a little over a year…

Wayfair, when it jumped almost tenfold in just six months…

Or Sarepta Therapeutics, which fired off a personal gain of 2,500% for Paul in just eight months.

Now, of course, nothing in the market is guaranteed. But even if this strategy performs half as well as Paul expects, it would still be enough to change your life.

Remember, every year an average of 50 stocks go up 1,000% or more. Paul will be there on your behalf to detect, vet and verify each opportunity using his proprietary signal strategy.

Here's everything you'll receive today to jump-start your membership
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Trade Alerts

When a brand-new investment opportunity comes up, Paul will fire off a detailed email. The email will lay out complete information on one new potential home run stock. He'll break down how it fits the parameters of his proprietary, three-phase strategy. He will also reveal all of his research and why he expects it to be the best candidate to secure a gain of 1,000% or more in the next 5 to 7 years. You can expect at least 12 trade recommendations a year.

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Weekly Updates

Each week, Paul puts together a detailed market analysis … telling you exactly what’s happening in the markets and how it affects the recommendations in our Extreme Fortunes model portfolio.

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24/7 Access to the Extreme Fortunes Website

You will receive a username and password to our encrypted Extreme Fortunes website. This website holds every past issue, every past recommended trade, every special report and every video that Paul and his team have put together.

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The Extreme Fortunes Portfolio

This is one of the most important parts of your membership. As a member of Extreme Fortunes, you will see ALL of Paul’s recommendations. Every stock he has a buy rating on at that moment, for the best chance at making a 1,000% gain — or better — in one to three years. Altogether, access to this model portfolio alone could run into tens of thousands in value — but you get unlimited access to it.

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The Ultimate Super Bull Investment

This is Paul’s No. 1 pick for the supercharged America 2.0 Super Bull market. A firm he believes will be integral to the development and growth of the world’s new companies. According to Paul, this investment could surge upward of 1,460% in the next one to three years … and now, with the convergence of three titanic economic forces, it’s more important than ever to get in!

The Extreme Fortunes’ Rules of the Investing Game:

This is your road map. It includes instructions on how you can hit the ground running using this service, walking you through any logistics that need to be handled. We suggest reading this first before you dig into anything else.

The Next Stock Market Windfall

Paul has just recently put the finishing touches on a dynamic special report, outlining five investments he has identified for astronomical returns. All the research shows each of these investments is on the verge of a major breakout … and each is poised to deliver gains upward of 1,000% in five to seven years.

Twelve Triple-Digit Gain Guarantee

Over the next year, you’ll see at least 12 stocks in the model portfolio rise over 100% — enough to double every dollar you invest, at minimum. If not, let us know, and you’ll get a second year free of charge.

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A Dedicated Customer Care Team

We have a team of well-trained and educated customer care representatives who can help you with any questions you might have about your membership.

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How Much Is Just 1 of Paul's
Top Plays Worth to You?

Paul Mampilly is one of the most decorated investors to come from Wall Street.

He was named one of the "world's best" by Barron's — he won an investing competition when he turned $50 million into $88 million in just one year — and he had clients eagerly hand him up to $400 million to invest on their behalf.

Kiplinger’s dubbed him an “iconoclast” and ranked his firm among the world’s top 1%.

Paul could easily justify charging tens of thousands for this level of access to his research — especially since this is one of his most powerful strategies to date…

Along with specific guidance on prospering during the most powerful wealth creation era in market history.

And you've seen Paul's proven track record of helping people just like you make fortunes.


For this level of consistency — squarely beating the market year after year — we could easily justify charging $10,000 for Extreme Fortunes.

But we won't.

Instead, you can lock in one year of Extreme Fortunes today for just $2,995 — 40% less than the retail price of $5,000 we have set (a price many have already paid).

This is only available to the first 1,000 members today. After that, we cannot guarantee it will be anywhere south of $5,000 again. And because of the nature of this deal, we’re unable to offer any refunds.

These membership spots will go fast! Especially considering that just one recommended trade — just one 1,000% winner in the next 5 to 7 years — could pay for years of access to this service, we consider this an absolute steal.

The people who have already made the leap surely don’t regret it.

All you have to do to start this journey toward grabbing 1,000% gains in just five to seven years — over and over again — is fill in the brief form below.

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