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Hi, Ian King here.

And I want to congratulate you for stepping up to claim your spot…

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As you just saw in my presentation…

The average retirement account is about $100,000…

Yet, the five stocks in my 20-Minute Retirement Solution have the potential to turn that figure…

Into as much as $1.2 million — in just five years.

Of course, there are always risks with any strategy…

That′s why the first thing I′m giving you today is my special briefing:

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The 20-Minute Retirement Solution — 5 Stocks for a Wealthy Retirement.

This special report details my entire strategy…

And each of the five stocks in your five-stock retirement index…

Stocks specifically chosen because they possess the Five Profit Factors I look for to create a true, “set it and forget” retirement plan.

In addition to my 20-Minute Retirement Solution report, you get…


1 Year of Automatic Fortunes

As a new subscriber to Automatic Fortunes you′re entitled to all these exclusive benefits:

  • My monthly Automatic Fortunes newsletter. Research updates giving you detailed, fast-reading market analysis directly from me, delivered right to your inbox. Expect to hear about a new stock every month — so you′ll see 12 new stocks from me every year.
  • Access to the Automatic Fortunes model portfolio. You′ll be able to track each and every position — including the five stocks in our 20-Minute Retirement Solution — quickly and easily online.
  • Weekly alerts and updates. With these alerts, you′ll never be left in the dark — I′ll update you on everything important happening in the markets, and how it impacts our current positions.
weekly updates
  • 24/7 secure access to our private members-only website. You′ll find everything that comes with your Automatic Fortunes subscription, quick and easy on this secure, encrypted website.
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  • Our dedicated customer care team. If you ever have a question about your membership … you can reach out to our dedicated customer care team for quick and courteous assistance.
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Your Reports

Instant Access to All My Research

You′ll also enjoy unlimited access to my $1,194 worth of my most important research…

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Bonus Report

Making $1 Million: How to Buy Your First Bitcoin

*For Platinum Subscribers (See Below)

You’ve heard about its potential to go to $100,000 … $400,000 … even $1 million a coin. Now learn how to buy it, store it and potentially sell it for massive profit.

This report will guide you step by step to securing your first bitcoin — the currency of the new digital world — as well as other coins that have the potential to make you a small fortune in the years to come.

(Note: Gains expected to be made in the next 12 months.)


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Only the first 500 people who join me today will get this special $47 rate.

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There are only 500 spaces available today…

So let′s get started now!

Platinum Subscription — $199 $79
  • Includes digital (via email and website) AND print subscription to Automatic Fortunes
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  • Your free bonus report:
  • Making $1 Million: How to Buy Your First Bitcoin
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Deluxe Subscription — $129
  • Includes digital AND print subscription to Automatic Fortunes
  • Includes our automatic renewal benefit
Standard Subscription — $47
  • Includes digital-only subscription to Automatic Fortunes
  • Includes our automatic renewal benefit



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