See How This Wall Street Strategy Called “Profit Stacking” Could Help You Build a $1.04 Million Portfolio in Thirteen Years.. With An Initial Investment of as Little as $10,000

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You’ll get access to the exact same research that gives you the tools, alerts and reports that hundreds of other readers are now using to make money in the stock market … using “profit stacking.”

Folks like…

  • Tyler Barnes, who made $3,000 in as little as 90 days with a $37k investment…

  • Or Gary Ross, who made 18.7% in seven days on one trade, and 44.2% on another in 49 days…

  • And Mike Wilson who started with $50k and added $12,740 profits to his portfolio in thirty days.

They are all Automatic Profits Alert readers who are on their way to building a seven-figure portfolio, starting with as little as $500 per month!

It’s so easy, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes a week.

It’s simple, too. As a subscriber to Automatic Profits Alert … you’ll get immediate Profit Stacks alerts the moment Chad Shoop identifies the best stock every time a sector is about to go “in season.”

Remember — this strategy works because Chad — through intense research — has found highly predictable and cyclical sectors. And with his calendar (which you’ll get a copy of), you too … can pinpoint the exact dates when a sector goes up … and when it stalls out … so you know exactly when to buy (and sell) for maximum profit!

That’s why Profit Stacks is so powerful. It doesn’t matter if the market crashes, stalls out, heads into recession or has bear markets or bull runs. Cycles are as predictable as the four seasons.

And when you invest in the “best stock” in each sector … you can see why it’s possible to build a seven-figure nest egg … giving you the retirement and life you deserve.

Being an Automatic Profits Alert reader … gives you the power to control your financial destiny.

Here’s Everything You Get When You
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1. REPORT: 6 Profit Stacks to Trade This Year ($1000 Value)

Inside this report is the same proprietary calendar you saw during this interview. It includes the 15 most up-to-date cyclical sectors that Chad has found to be highly predictable. You’ll know exactly which date to buy or sell the sector … using the optimal exchange-traded fund (ETF) that Chad has found. With this report alone, you could beat the market by eight times. What’s more, because ETF funds change and better funds are formed, Chad will send you an updated version of this calendar every January.

2. BONUS REPORT!!! 4 Secret Cycles for Windfall Profits ($500 Value)

Now that you know how to build a 7-figure portfolio with sectors… let’s make some real money with larger macro cycles that most investors don’t know about. The first one is hyper-relevant: it shows you how markets react to elections and the President’s term. There are years you’ll want to invest more, and years you’ll want to invest less. The next two will give you another “calendar advantage” to investing just like Profit Stacks. And finally… did you know there are eight days a month that’s OPTIMAL for getting into a trade? It’s true. Unless I tell you to, don’t buy stocks outside of those eight days of the month!

3. Profit Stacks Alerts ($2500 Value)

Remember, this system works because first, we’re only looking at sectors that are about to go “in season.” And then, Chad’s Chartered Market Technician (CMT) training gives him the power to “cut through the noise” of the sector and find you the best stock. This is how he’s able to identify picks that make as much as 65% in seven months … 48% in less than a month … and even 53% in as little as two days on single trades. You will get these alerts the moment Chad identifies them.

4. Weekly Updates ($500 Value)

Every week, Chad checks in with his readers by email. He will discuss what’s happening with each of the six Profit Stacks you might be in. Chad will break down exactly how each “best stock” in the Profit Stacks is behaving, and he’ll reveal the trends that could be accelerating them or even potentially slowing them down.

5. Quarterly Video Mailbag Q&A ($500 value)

Every quarter, Chad Shoop will get on a video conference call with Automatic Profits Alert subscribers and do an open-forum Q&A session. Whether it’s questions you sent in previously or questions you have live, Chad and his team will be there to answer any questions you may have about the market, the Profit Stacks you’re in, recent trades and Chad’s outlook on where the market is going. (But please note that he cannot give you any personalized investing advice.)

6. A Free Subscription to Winning Investor Daily

This daily e-letter comes from our entire team of financial experts. You get it free as part of being an Automatic Profits Alert reader. Combining more than 50 years of Wall Street investing, trading and “boots on the ground” research, the Winning Investor Daily team of Chad Shoop, Matt Badiali, Charles Mizrahi and John Ross gives you cutting-edge insights into investment opportunities and trends you won’t find anywhere else.

7. A Dedicated Customer Care Team

Because of the unique nature of the Automatic Profits Alert service, we’ve trained a special team of care representatives just for members of this service. When you sign up, you’ll receive a confidential, toll-free hotline number and email address to reach these representatives anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday, when they’ll answer any questions you have about your membership.

A $5,000 Value …

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When it comes down to it…

Profit stacking is an investment strategy that can get your portfolio to seven figures or more … with layers of protection no other system has.

Remember — not only are you investing in a sector when it’s “in season” … giving you the highest chance of a “guaranteed win” … you’re also leveraging Chad Shoop’s CMT expertise to pick the best stock for optimal profits.

What’s more — this strategy is tested and proven. Not only have Chad and his team invested over $2 million and 21,840 hours’ worth of historical research, analysis and testing to develop Profit Stacks … they’ve shared this strategy with hundreds of readers for the past three years to refine it.

In other words — real people like you have had access to this strategy, have used it and have had the opportunity to make money from Chad’s recommendations. It doesn’t get more real than that. They’ve seen opportunities for results like 65% in seven months … 48% in less than a month … and even 53% in as little as two days on single trades. In total, they’ve had the opportunity to see over 47 double-digit winners.

And Chad continues to make the system better every day. He spends 50 to 60 hours a week monitoring the markets, using data feeds that cost upward of $150,000 a year.

Given all this … the optimal potential profits … the layers of protection … the fact that Profit Stacks are tried, tested and true … we could charge tens of thousands of dollars for this analysis.

One of my colleagues said most hedge funds would put a seven-figure price tag on this … considering last year’s performance of 43.64% average returns on all six Profit Stacks, with one stack going up by 74.58% while another doubled … I think you can understand why.

But we’re not Wall Street.

We created this for Main Street … for you.

And because you were a part of our audience for today’s exclusive interview … you are getting Automatic Profits Alert for a 80% discount. You will only pay $995.

What’s more — this discounted price is locked in for you … for life. As long as you remain a subscriber to Automatic Profits Alert, you will never pay a penny more.

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You have nothing to lose — and so much to gain.

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