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26 Trade Recommendations a Year:

Ian and I will send you a confidential write-up of a specific stock we have been doing intensive research on. Real “boots on the ground,” pencil-in-hand, data-crunching work — even calling on his network of industry experts to feel out where the company stands among its peers, while harnessing cutting-edge analysis technology.

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Weekly Updates:

Each week, Ian and I will put together a detailed market analysis. It’s important to understand what’s happening in the political sphere, the economic world and the market. I have learned to identify how these three impact each other … and how to insulate your investments against them.

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The Rapid Rebound Report:

Ian and I have just put the finishing touches on this info-packed report. In these pages, we will lay out exactly how this strategy works … how the strategy is able to select winning trade opportunities so consistently and so accurately — giving you the chance to make as much as 1,228% every 90 days on average. The entire breakdown is in this never-before-published document — and it’s yours, free, as a member.

Paul's Guarantee:

Over the next year, my model portfolio will give you the chance to see how it’s possible to grow a mere $10,000 into more than $100,000 every 90 days. If not, let us know, and you’ll get a second year free of charge.

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Dedicated Customer Care Team:

You’ll receive a confidential number, giving you direct access to our highly trained and specialized member care team. These are men and women we’ve worked with specifically to help you with your Rebound Profit Trader subscription.

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Exclusive 24/7 Website Access:

You’ll have an exclusive login and password for our encrypted website … where you can access every report, every special weekly alert, the entire model portfolio and more.

Anything ever published for Rebound Profit Trader members will be available to you here, anytime you want to access it.

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Options 101 Guide: How to Maximize Your Profits:

You’ll receive a copy of our Option 101 Guide. In this slim volume, everything you need to know about options trading, every question you’ve wanted answered before tackling this mysterious tool, is answered…

Consider this your golden key, which could help you unlock the vast profits of the options market while forever slashing your risk.


The retail price for a Rebound Profit Trader subscription is $5,000 per year.

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Paul Mampilly
Editor, Rebound Profit Trader

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