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I’ve already shown my readers the chance to capture gains of 59%, 100% and 103% with the “Law of Unstoppable Profits”…

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The Law of Unstoppable Profits is flashing bright green for a stock that I expect to hand us one of our biggest wins yet: a gain of 300%.

You’re just one click away from discovering the $6 stock that could turn every $10,000 into $30,000.  Perhaps even more.

This company has quickly become a leader in the U.S. transportation safety market.

Six million vehicles in the U.S. already rely on its technology. Six. Million.

Its technology can also be found in millions of stop lights, school buses, and traffic cameras in towns and cities across the nation … including New York City, San Antonio and Philadelphia.

And, more and more companies, counties and cities are entering into contracts to lease this company’s technology every month.

Big institutional stock buyers are already taking notice — and groups like BlackRock, Fidelity and Vanguard are starting to scoop up shares.

Most important of all though: The company’s free cash flow has begun to climb and the Law of Unstoppable Profits, which predicts a big potential growth surge could begin at any moment.

This is it. You could be on your way to making your first triple-digit win with the Law of Unstoppable Profits.

This could be your best chance to turn every $10,000 into $30,000 or more.

The stock may trade for about $6 at the moment, but I doubt it will stay there for long.

The time to get in is NOW.

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Bonus No. 1: Unlock a 300% Gain With the Law of Unstoppable Profits.

This report will give you all the details on the company that I expect to hand us a 300% win. The Law of Unstoppable Profits is flashing bright green for it even as we speak. It’s growing into a leading player in the U.S. transportation market at very rapid pace. Its technology can already be found in cars, stop lights, school buses and traffic lights across the nation. And major institutional outfits like BlackRock, Fidelity and Vanguard are scooping up shares. This $6 stock alone could turn every $10,000 into $30,000. In this free report, you’ll learn everything you need to get in on this opportunity.

Bonus No. 2:  Hypernet Fortunes: How to Make 10 Times Your Money From the Fastest Technology in History.

Imagine internet that is 22 times faster than 5G. I call it “Hypernet” technology. And this company is its gatekeeper. It already holds over 140,000 patents for 5G, and more than 8,545 patents for the Internet of Things. And now my research shows they’re making an aggressive move to bring the Hypernet mainstream. I believe it gives you the potential to a massive gain. And you’ll get full details on it inside this second free report.

Bonus No. 3: The $5 Biotech Stock Revolutionizing Health Care.

The medical device this company provides has the ability to help 32 million Americans who suffer from a potentially life-threating condition. Prescriptions for their key product have been growing at a double-digit pace. And my research suggests shares of this company could easily triple your money. In this third bonus report, you’ll see how you can get in on this opportunity today.

Bonus No. 4:  One-Stock Millionaire: How to Get Rich With This Little-Known Tech Stock.

Get the full scoop on the little-known company that is poised to dominate broadband and 5G wireless across an entire continent. They have a virtually unlimited audience. Insiders have scooped up more than $35.2 million worth of shares in the last 12 months. And shares of this one $10 stock alone could turn every $10,000 into $1 million. This easy-to-read report shows you how to use them in 10 minutes to spot potential tenfold gains!

Added bonus: Automatic Fortunes.

Automatic Fortunes — written by my team member Ian King — gives unique insights on “tipping point trends” that could grow your wealth exponentially. Ian has an incredible talent for spotting huge, world-changing trends — like 5G, blockchain, autonomous cars and quantum computing — before they make headline news. I’m giving you the next three monthly issues for free. At the end of your three-month trial, you can decide to let it auto-renew for one year at $97 or you can simply cancel it. But like the thousands of people who currently subscribe, I am sure you will love the moneymaking stock tips and insights it gives you!

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You’ve already seen how the Law of Unstoppable Profits lets you cut through financial smokescreens and predict which stocks have the true potential to soar.

You’ve seen how stocks that meet its strict criteria could hand you FIVE TIMES more profit than those that don’t.

And you’ve seen how many of my readers — people like Dale Peterson, Don Hargrove and Barbara Eton — are already using my research and the Law of Unstoppable Profits to make their dreams come true.

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This portfolio includes every stock that’s on my “buy now” list. I take the Law of Unstoppable Profits into consideration for every stock I review and recommend. Every. Single. One. Plus, many also meet other criteria that I use to ensure we have a big potential winner on our hands. I will typically recommend 12 new stocks every year. The model portfolio will show you what to buy, at what price to buy and when to sell.

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Every month, I will send you an eight-page dispatch that dives into a specific topic tied to a stock I think you should buy. I’ll outline the investment and show you how it fits my model investment strategy.

Monthly podcast:

Much like the weekly webinar and the monthly dispatch, my colleague Brian Christopher and I release a monthly podcast reviewing current stock market positions, the Total Wealth Insider portfolio and other things we are keeping an eye on.

Weekly portfolio updates:

You will also get my weekly video updates. I record a video with details on the positions in my model portfolio. With these updates, you will never be left in the dark. I send them out every Sunday morning.

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You will also receive my trade alerts. Any time an open position in my model portfolio should be sold to lock in profits, I will send you an alert via email. I’ll provide explicit instructions that show you what to buy or sell, and for how much. And with today’s technology, it’s easy to utilize my recommendations over your phone, computer or tablet. It’s that simple.

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When you join today, you’ll also get a free subscription to my daily e-letter, where you will receive unique, profitable insights from my entire team. You’ll know what new opportunities, news and market events we have our eyes on each and every day.

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Finally, if you ever have questions about your membership, simply give one of my team members a call. They will walk you through the details and benefits of your subscription.

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Plus, you’ll get it ALL with my 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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As you can see, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain from giving my research service a try.

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Jeff Yastine
Editor, Total Wealth Insider

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